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Figure balloons, L-balloons, giant balloons, weather balloons, shooting balloons, blaster balloons, special balloons for various applications in almost all industries are seamless articles made of natural rubber latex. The product variety and the ability to produce even the most complicated shapes have made us known worldwide as a competent, flexible and fair partner! Gummiwerk Czermak & Feger is and was a pioneer in the development of new balloon designs and printing techniques. Our balloons, which are produced from natural rubber latex, are natural, CO2-neutral and biodegradable. We present and offer the balloons in our balloon shop. Together with you we are happy to develop special designs and special colours and assure you the highest quality in production.


Figure balloons, a term coined by Gummiwerk Czermak & Feger, bring joy to children’s hearts when these beautifully shaped balloons are given away at fairs and festivals! The airiness and lightness of these balloons, which are extremely durable, awaken creativity and make children’s eyes shine.


The first giant balloons in the world were manufactured in the rubber factory Czermak & Feger. The diameters of these robust balloons range from 50cm to 210cm.


The term L-balloons is used to describe the light quality for balloons that are mainly used in advertising and decoration. We print balloons with the high quality screen printing technique up to seven printing colours!


In our company we use the screen printing technique developed in our company for printing balloons of all sizes. The balloons floating in the wind are eye-catchers, attract attention and are therefore ideal advertising media.


What would birthdays for young and old, weddings, school parties, parties, Valentine’s Days, celebrations of all kinds without colorful balloons? For these occasions we offer a well sorted selection of motives.


The many different colours, shapes and sizes of our latex balloons give inspiration and free rein to your creativity to create impressive decorations.


Modelling of little animals, caps, up to elaborate structures is not only something for artists.


Due to their very favourable volume-to-weight ratio, balloons are ideally suited for measuring tasks. Well known is the use in meteorology, the representation of flow profiles in liquids, the absorption of gases are further possible applications.


A large number of balloon accessories from string, balloon gas to electric inflators support you in the simple, successful application of latex balloons.

Bathing Caps


A wide range of balloon accessories from string, balloon gas to electric inflators help you to use latex balloons easily and successfully.

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