Gummiwerk Czermak & Feger

Vision & Mission

We place the customer at the centre of our thoughts and actions.

We set standards through knowledge, innovation, performance and dynamics.

We treat each other openly, with trust and respect.

We act responsibly in the interest of society.

We About The Environment

Our life in the magnificent Alpine region, an ecologically very sensitive environment, shapes and encourages us to feel particularly committed to our environment.

Not only our production but also our purchasing and sales are organised according to the criteria of minimum CO2 emission.

An optimised energy management system with sophisticated building services engineering guarantees efficient and sustainable production.

The materials we use are selected according to the aspects of environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Last but not least, when purchasing our natural raw material natural rubber, we pay particular attention to sourcing from plantations that work with non-genetically manipulated trees, thus ensuring the diversity of species and the preservation of our creation in the long term.

Our Roots

The Gummiwerk owes its origins to the Aachen-based company Pongs & Co, which moved its production of meteorological balloons to Imst in Tyrol in January 1944 under the management of Hans Feger. After the war, production was resumed in 1946.


After a change of shareholders, Bruno Czermak and Hans Feger founded today’s Gummiwerk Czermak & Feger in 1949. Besides toy balloons, rubber pants, rubber gloves, rubber figures, rubber compounds for the toy industry were produced.

Gummiwerk was the first company in the world to be able to produce sophisticatedly shaped figure balloons and pioneered the production of printed advertising balloons made of natural rubber latex up to a diameter of over 2m. The Gummiwerk pioneered the development of high-quality screen printing technology for balloons. Step by step Gummiwerk expanded its business fields in the processing and application of natural rubber latex. Today, the company is active in many areas from medical technology to aerospace, both with seamless rubber articles and with the compounding of rubber compounds.

An important area is also the development and production of very special articles, which are manufactured by dipping process according to customer specifications. For example, highly specialized tools for use in isostatic presses, and customized latex compounds for the textile and paper industry are developed and manufactured. Gummiwerk Czermak & Feger is a recognized expert in the processing of natural rubber latex and a reliable partner for the development and application of natural latex in the sports and toy industry, in mechanical engineering, medical technology and space technology.

Highest Quality

All our actions are aligned with this motto! Each of our employees feels responsible for highest quality as well as the compliance with the requirements of our customers, standards and laws.

The comprehensive documentation of all processes in our company, starting with the careful selection of our suppliers, the incoming inspection of raw materials, the process data during production, the strict quality control according to physical and chemical specifications, provides the data for a continuous evaluation and thus the assurance of excellent quality.

We strive for continuous improvement of our production, logistics and energy efficiency, and to this end we constantly scrutinise all these processes, as well as the needs and wishes of our customers.

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Gummiwerk Czermak & Feger
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